Here you’ll find all my various goings-on… I “do computer stuff” for IBM, “teach computer stuff” at Clarkson University, and am currently pursuing a PhD in … “computer stuff”. I was once described as being the “most like a robot” of anyone a friend had ever met.

My website is a bit in shambles lately, with old blog posts from various incarnations scattered all over the place. I am slowly attempting to migrate them all here, and will do my best to provide URL redirection to avoid dead links. Please shoot me an e-mail, though, if you find any problems and I’ll do my best to fix it ASAP! In the meantime, links you had to the most recent incarnation should redirect automatically to http://iweb.timfanelli.com which has the old structure of the site. As I migrate old entries here, I’ll intercept their URLs and land them at the new version.

This site also aggregates posts from the family website: http://family.timfanelli.com. If you’re only interested in information about L.E., the family, or the house – you can go straight there, though, and avoid any other clutter I might post here!